AEE 343 – Compressible Flow

Spring 21-23 (Undergraduate)

Syllabus: [pdf]

  • Isentropic flow
  • Normal and oblique shock waves
  • Expansion fans
  • Converging and diverging nozzles
  • Rayleigh and Fanno flows
  • Compressible flow applications
  • Supersonic Wind Tunnel Lab Experiments

MAE 643 – Fluid Dynamics

Fall 22-23 (Graduate)

Syllabus: [pdf]

  • Mathematical preliminaries for fluids
  • Basic laws: equation of motion, Navier-Stokes equation, constitutive relations, vorticity, dimensional analysis, etc.
  • Potential flow: complex analysis, velocity potential, stream function
  • Viscous flow: exact solutions to the NS equations

MAE 600 – Fluid Flow Control

Fall 21 (Graduate)

Syllabus: [pdf]

  • Introduction of state-of-art flow control techniques
  • Passive and active flow control
  • Modal/non-modal and data-driven analysis
  • Dynamical system for fluid flow
  • Open-loop and closed-loop control designs